Saturday, October 29, 2016

E-Mail Prediction

The Anthony Weiner/Huma/Hillary email debacle continues to grind out. While it's not clear yet what the FBI found, here's a prediction.

While looking through Anthony Wiener's computer for evidence of sexual communication with a minor, they found Huma's email, including thousands of emails from Hillary. Hillary had her server professionally scrubbed of everything incriminating before giving it over to the FBI, but the sent emails still resided on Weiner's computer. Now the FBI has a situation. Because the emails received on Wiener's computer don't match up with the supposedly complete set of government emails that Hillary says (under oath) that she turned in.

What to do, what to do.

Now it's an exposed cover-up with lying under oath, erased email, violation of the public records act, and no way to backtrack far enough to clean it up.

My prediction is the election happens on schedule. If Hillary wins, we'll see Watergate style hearings in the spring.


Divemedic said...

My prediction is this:
If Hillary wins, the entire incident gets swept under the rug. The AG and the FBI director both serve at the pleasure of the President, and they want to remain employed.

If Hillary loses, Obama pardons Clinton during his last week in office, as one of his last official acts.

People who testify against the Clintons tend to wind up dead, so most witnesses suddenly experience amnesia, while the remainder shoot themselves 4 times in the back during a suicide attempt, die in a plane crash, or during a botched robbery attempt.

Either way, the Republicans don't have the testicular fortitude to fight the Democrats on this. The only thing they appear to be good at fighting is a political outsider who wins the Republican nomination.

matism said...

You nailed it, Divemedic. Neither Lyin' Ryan nor Post Turtle have any interest in impeaching Shrillary. They will, however, be glad to impeach Trump if he dares to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate the rampant treason and felonies throughout the eight years of the Obama Administration.

Lawrence Person said...

The Clinton corruption is pretty much a bottomless well.

Reg T said...

Two things: I must have missed it, but when was Hillary under oath? If she was under oath at some point (she wasn't with the FBI and I understand their interview of Hillary wasn't recorded), I'm sure she used the whole "I don't recall" thing rather than her usual lies, just to be safe.

The other is a question: can a President - even one as spiritually elevated and supreme as The Won - provide a blanket pardon for all crimes, past or present, when that individual has never even been charged and tried, or can a pardon only be given for a specific crime(s) where the person has already been tried and convicted of committing?

If the former, she'll walk for certain. If the latter (be still my heart), I'd give the last two years of _my_ life just to see her behind bars for the rest of _her_ unnatural life.

Ted said...

The Presidential power of Pardon is very broad. Basically no limits other than he can't undo an impeachment with a pardon. so yes, he could pardon her even if she was not charged with anything -- which would also preclude the investigation from extending into his misdeeds in office.

Now ... will he??? if he did then history will not reflect well on his term in office. The stench of the the Clinton corruption will spill onto his administration. ...... and the Obama's dislike for the Clinton's may just mean that they let her twist in the wind when she loses. He may feel that history will spare him from the connection to the Clinton corruption.

A lot depends on whether he was stupid enough to send any emails from his blackberry to her private server. I'm pretty sure he never put anything in writing that could possibly blowup on him.

Divemedic said...

I'm not sure that historians will be unkind to Obama for issuing a pardon for Hillary. If she loses the election, she will be a mere footnote in the history books as the former first lady who ran for president and lost.

Ford is not remembered in the history books for pardoning Nixon.