Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Top of the post update, courtesy of The Neon Madman: Here's a link from an old Iowahawk post, discussing Turbonique in detail and style. 

Turbonique was a company founded by a rocket scientist in 1962. They made turbine engines that ran on proprietary fuel for use on drag strips. Like a VW that would hit 150 miles an hour in a quarter mile. The world's fastest go kart. A rear axle mounted turbine that made 850 hp.

Here's a video about one of the cars that came up for auction.

Here's Turbonique's own video and the go kart in action, with sound.


The Neon Madman said...

You have to read what Iowahawk had to say about these - great writing. Man, I wish that he would blog again.


drjim said...

Oh, Lordy, how I remember these things!

A guy at the dragstrip I used to go to in Illinois had one of the "Drag Axles" in some kind of GM "A" body (Think Cutlass or Chevelle) and the sucker was so LOUD that the strip owners made him stop running it.