Friday, August 12, 2016


Hannah Cohen, a disabled 19 year old, was attacked and beaten, her head slammed on a concrete floor. Here's a photo.

Hannah is impaired because of surgery to remove a brain tumor and followup radiation therapy. She has limited ability so see, stand, speak, walk, and hear.

The incident happened on June 30, 2015, when Cohen, 19, and her mother, Shirley, went through security at the Memphis airport. The women were traveling back to their Chattanooga home following treatment at the Memphis-based hospital.
According to the lawsuit, an alarm went off when Hannah went through the security screening. She was described as being impaired from radiation treatment and the removal of a brain tumor. The aggressive cancer treatment left the teen with limited ability to talk, walk, stand, see and hear.
"(She) became disoriented and confused by the warning alarm and the actions of the personnel manning the security checkpoint to try to search her person because of her disability. The security personnel failed to recognize that she was confused because of her obvious disability and was unable to cooperate with the search," the lawsuit said.
Transportation Security Administration and Memphis International Airport Police Department personnel were manning the checkpoint, according to the lawsuit filed several weeks ago...."It freaked her out," she told The Commercial Appeal. "They didn't listen to me at all. When they grabbed her, it scared her, and she was trying to get away from them. The next thing I know, one of them slammed her down on the floor and busted her head open. There was blood everywhere."


juvat said...

Tar. Feathers. Ridden out of town on a rail! Repeat until message is received.

housefitter said...


drjim said...


Hope the family wins the lawsuit.

Will said...

This story and it's stormtrooper goons of the TSA brings to mind some of the reactions of citizens in Stephen Coonts new book: "Liberty's Last Stand". Hard to put it down.

Divemedic said...

The comments to that article made me even angrier than the article itself.

matism said...

Happiness is dead pigs. And by now, dead pig whores as well.

Do note, Will, that the Memphis International Airport Police Department personnel participated as well. Yes, the TSA are swill. What else would from Jeh's finest? And that clearly goes for his SS sewage. But the MIAPD are not FedPigs. The problem is that pigs are not White nor Black nor Brown nor Yellow nor Red. They are only Blue. GD every one of them straight to hell where they belong.

burt said...

Yet another incident proving that the TSA is incapable of protecting air travelers without violating their rights.

It's long past the time that the nations' airlines got together and implemented their own security plans for the nations' airports.