Monday, August 29, 2016

Making 1911s From Scratch

In a thatch hut, with a hacksaw, a hand drill, and some assorted files. It isn't just that they can make an operational firearm, they can make a functional 1911.


Jerry The Geek said...

That's pretty impressive!

Especially the part where he's worried about being ratted out by his neighbors, but still steps outside the door of his crude hut to test fire the guns. He's a brave man! It's a wonder that he hasn't been busted yet.

I bet he could make a pretty penny teaching the Pakistani gun makers how to make 1911's.

libertyman said...

I think there is more to this story than the dramatization. They make it seem like you can make a 1911 from a pile of scrap, some patterns and a file -- I really don't think so.

It makes a good story. I just don't believe it though.

abnormalist said...

I saw that pile of steaming filth on netflix, and just couldnt believe how much crap it was.

I was explaining how much BS it was to the wife, who stated straight out that without better information, your general pleb would believe this as truth. That is the scary part there. That this is what is passed off as a documentary these days, that people would believe...

Texas TopCat said...

I suspect that more of this happens than anyone knows. A gun is really a simple machine that can be made in just about anyones home. Now, in the US with a relative cheap CNC machine to make the some of the parts and purchase of springs and sites, there is no way to prevent such. And, in fact, unless you sell that gun you have not violated any law in most states.

Will said...

The 1911 is not a simple gun to build by hand. Look at the original blueprints to get an idea of the detail that has to be built into it. That gun would be one of the last handguns I would bother to try making from scratch, by hand.

I suspect that most of those parts are made elsewhere, and final fitted at that location. Parts are widely available for the 1911, and they are actually made in factories there in the P.I. You really need milling machines to do it right.

burt said...

1911 80% frames are available fairly cheaply on the 'net. With a little milling - or carefully using a file - you can turn that 80% frame into a non-serialized ready-to-go weapon. And the mfrs who sell the 80% frames also distribute both the blueprints and cnc data for "finishing" the frame.

A ready-to-use frame is the only part of the handgun that is government regulated and serialized. EVERYTHING else, from the barrel to the hammer - including that 80% unserialized frame - is available from suppliers on the web. All you need is a credit card.

abnormalist said...

Have you ever done one? Know anyone who has?

I know three guys who have tried and gave up, and one whose about $1k in gunsmithing classes to finish his.

1911s are deceptive. "Drop in"parts are seldom drop in, hand fitting is the rule of the day for most parts. Fit and function require knowledge of how the gun works and is NOT as simple as dropping together an AR.