Friday, August 19, 2016

Louisiana Flooding

Where is the President? What is FEMA doing? Where is the 24/7 news cycle that is supposed to drive reporters? Oh, that's right, we have a Democrat in the White House and he's playing golf. The Republican candidate is in Louisiana today and we can't have that reported, now, can we?

The press isn't covering it, but you can go read about it on Wikipedia.
 "The widespread flooding stranded tens of thousands of people in their homes and vehicles. At least 20,000 people were evacuated by local law enforcement, firefighters, the Louisiana National Guard, the Coast Guard and fellow residents, from submerged vehicles and flooded homes. A group of 70 volunteers from St. Bernard Parish conducted hundreds of boat rescues in East Baton Rouge Parish. By August 15, approximately 11,000 people sought refuge in 70 shelters. Flash flooding swamped a 7-mile (11 km) section of Interstate 12 between Tangipahoa Parish and Baton Rouge, stranding 125 vehicles. At one point, an approximate 62 mile stretch was closed due to flooding concerns. State police and the National Guard utilized high-water vehicles to rescue trapped motorists, but many remained stuck for over 24 hours. A cellular network outage complicated rescues over the affected area....Within four days, on August 16, President Barack Obama was criticized for vacationing and playing golf in Martha's Vineyard instead of visiting Louisiana, prompting comparisons to President George W. Bush's initial response to Hurricane Katrina."
 Or watch local news and personal footage on YouTube.


matism said...

Trump is there, but the Louisiana governor refuses to meet him. But then what else would one expect from GD Democrat swill? Just like Mayor Chocolate and Governor Whitey...

The REAL surprise is that the Republican Lt Governor and the Republican AG did meet Mr. Trump. That in and of itself is pretty much a guarantee that they are not Rove Republicans.

Bob said...

Now that Trump is there the MSM is perforce having to finally cover it. Obama will probably drag Hillary along when he finally shows up next week, so they can look prez-uh-den-shull together.

Home on the Range said...

We can't let widespread devastation of a population already pounded by Katrina interrupt the President's yet another long vacation for his whole family on the taxpayer dime, can we?