Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wood, Summer Heat, and Hope

I had to pay to have this tree dropped. I looked at it for weeks and could not come up with a process that didn't involve having the roof repaired after the tree fell. It had tilted more over the past year and waiting until the next hurricane would have given me the same outcome. I made a deal with a tree service to put it on the ground and leave it for me.

Today I started the process of clearing the small limbs and cutting the larger pieces into stove fodder. It was 85 when I started, closer to 95 when the sun got up overhead. I drank a lot of water, took my time, and didn't pretend I was going to get it all done. When the truck was full I retreated to the shade. There's at least two more truckloads in that picture.

Cutting wood for the winter is an act of hope. You work now in expectation that you will be here to appreciate it when winter comes.


Chickenmom said...

You will be glad for all that hard work - Hubby has been sitting in the shade splitting wood, too. Winters are long and cold.

matism said...

What is this "winter" of which y'all speak? Sounds like a friggin' Yankee concoction to me. Y'all aren't goin' Commie on us now, are ya?

ASM826 said...

She likes the area in front of the wood stove to be about 85 degrees. Today that is no problem. In January, it requires some effort.

Knucklehead said...

I am envious. I love having large hanks of trees (looks like an oak to me) to process.

lee n. field said...

If this was the BuchFace, I'd click like. And I've got a tree here that needs to come down. ($800 that we don't have.)