Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bad Shoot

A behavioral therapist trying to calm and help a profoundly autistic adult. The police show up.  There's video of the therapist laying on the ground, hands in the air, which is where he was when an officer shot him.

He's not dead. Here's the report and an interview.

There is something wrong with how we are training our peace officers.


matism said...

You are merely seeing the Blue Wall at its most honest, for a change. What do you think the story would have been had that cell phone video not been made public?

housefitter said...

haha. There for a minute I had myself convinced you said "peace officer".
You had one bullet Barney... ONE. And THIS is how you use it?

Ruth said...

I just saw an article where the cop is insisting he was trying to shoot the autistic guy, cause he was a threat to the black guy, and missed. Not sure that helps any really. Video shows the autistic guy just sitting there, not a threat. And if that was the case why'd they (after the shoot) handcuff the black guy and not give him any medical attention till the ambulance got there?

parascribe said...

The problem is, we don't train "peace officers" anymore, we train law enforcement officers. I can remember not that long ago that cops I worked with would be pissed to be called LEO's. Now it's the norm.