Sunday, June 26, 2016

While I Was Looking For Something Else

I was looking for a thank you card in the drawers this morning. I knew where they used to be, but she had moved them. Poking around, I opened a drawer and found my Wood Badge notebook. Nothing to do but stop and flip through it.

In the pocket was a packet of photos. I used to send my film to York Photo and just the envelope was a bit of nostalgia. It was what I expected, mostly, pictures of my Wood Badge Patrol doing Scouty stuff.

But mixed in with them was this image. It was taken in the spring of 1993. Sean had been a Scout about a year. Mike and Luke were Bear Cubs. The azalea bush across the street is blooming, so it's early spring. I figure it was probably Scout Sunday and we were on our way to church and the annual Scout pancake breakfast.

That Oldsmobile is the car of their childhood. There are a lot of stories there, too.

It was long ago when I was younger and the answers all seemed clearer.


Borepatch said...

What a great picture.

lee n. field said...

How you holding up? Finding old pictures is bittersweet, and apt to stir up grief again. (We're 3 years out from losing 2 sons.)

ASM826 said...

Yes, it's only been 7 months. I am mostly okay. Occasionally something drops out of the blue, like this picture, and catches me unawares.