Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lesson Reinforced

Herd the shooter into the killing ground, then hold your position until the gunfire stops. RTWT
"Officer Brandon Cornwell, 25, said the ad-hoc team spent the first seconds in the dimly lit club “trying to locate exactly where the shooter was — we kept hearing people scream and shots fired.”
He and the other officers followed the sounds to the bathroom area, where Mateen was now holed up. But instead of entering the bathroom, the officers aimed their assault rifles toward the area and were told by commanders to hold their position as the sounds of gunfire stopped, according to Cornwell. And so they waited “15 or 20 minutes — could’ve been longer” — until the SWAT team arrived, he said. Cornwell never saw Mateen."


Divemedic said...

I was willing to give the cops the benefit of the doubt, but it certainly seems that they screwed the pooch. Here is my theory:

1 The street level officers were there, ready and willing to do the job.

2 The SWAT boys didn't want to have their big chance to do something other than serve drug warrants on low level dealers taken over by some normal street cops, so they ordered them out of the building. After all, you don't get to brag about being SWAT, if you don't get to dress up and kill people.

3 Of course, that also means that the shooter could possibly shoot at the SWAT guys.

Regular street cops were getting it done. SWAT guys wanted to go play dress up, but are giant pussies and didn't want to take any risks.

STxAR said...

I agree. I also think:

4. That $100,000 (DHS grant dontcha know) hostage negotiation class is gonna pay off finally. "Hey Frank! Where's my binder?? I never thought that would be useful...."

drjim said...

Unless they're busting down the WRONG door at 0400, they aint shit....