Thursday, June 23, 2016

And Now Someone Says It

Amitai Etzioni comes out on HuffPo and calls for the disarming the citizens of the U.S.

He suggests taking the weapons and banning the sale of ammunition.

All those times they said they only wanted a little common sense, a few limits, an attempt to keep criminals from making purchases, nope, they want to disarm us.

It is a mistake we will only get to make once.

Mr. Etzioni, were you planning on going door to door yourself to collect them? Or do you have some spiffy new uniforms planned for those you are going to empower to do it for you?

And if you succeed, what will you have left? When you have disarmed the people, the people that did the disarming will be the new masters.


parascribe said...

I always wonder when I see a statement like that if the moron making it really knows what he's calling for.

Borepatch said...

The good Professor is simply getting HAMMERED in the comments, which are 50-1 in favor of gun rights. At the Huff Po.

Warms my heart to see that they don't have "Safe Spaces" where they thought they would have safe spaces ...

Goober said...

He's calling for gun violence on a scale the world hasn't seen since nagasaki put an end to the last world war, which is rather the opposite of his intent, I suspect.