Monday, May 16, 2016

Spotting Scope?

Shot a Garand Match in bright sunlight on Saturday. My old scope was unusable. Had someone call a few shots at the beginning, and then I just sent the rounds without looking. That being said, I did okay. Shot a 276/300. Managed to get an 86/100 in the off-hand(standing) stage.

I am going to have to get a new spotting scope. Price matters. I know what I would buy if I had $1500. I do not. Let's say $200 to $350 is my price range. What say the Borepatch readership?

I am thinking about a Konuspot 20-60x100.


SiGraybeard said...

From the same folks, this Celestron is what I use. In my mind, at about 60% of the price of the Konus, it's a no-brainer.

Scopes used at ground level don't fit in nicely with the rules for astronomical scopes. You don't get a clean 50x per inch of aperture, you're more limited by the atmospheric motion - the same "mirage" you're fighting to shoot with.

STxAR said...

When I was shooting high power and service rifle, I lusted after the KOWA brand. I liked the angled eyepiece for prone shooting. I was WAY too poor to afford them then. Still would be a piggy bank killer now. I had no idea how expensive they became!! WOW!

Glad you are still running the best battle implement ever devised.

Comrade Misfit said...

What distances are you shooting at?

ASM826 said...

Distances only out to 200 yards, that's all our range has.

Steve Diaz said...

Here are some Best Rated scopes from Optics Planet:

And some good advice from the birdwatching crowd:

Kristophr said...

I own that model.

It's a good buy if you can't find the scratch for a Kowa.

Comrade Misfit said...

I picked up an older Bushnell Sentry (18x-36x) for sub-$100 on sale a little bit ago. It might do the job.

Most of the lower-end scopes seem to have those shitty little desktop tripods. If you haunt the thrift stores, you can find a decent used camera tripod for $10 or less.

Arthur said...

"'re more limited by the atmospheric motion - the same "mirage" you're fighting to shoot with."

That's Gospel right there.

Depending on the conditions you'd have to spend NASA-type cash to see a hit at 200 yards.

Will said...

In the meantime, make a sun-shield for the scope's objective, if it doesn't already have one.

jon spencer said...

I have a Celestron Ultima 80 with a 20X to 60X lens and it is pretty good, I can see .22 holes at 100 yards.
It is not a sealed scope, so you have to watch for moisture.
About as good as you can get for under $200.
With this scope you are getting what you paid for.
It is good enough and if you don't like it, it is easy to get $100 for it at a gun show.

libertyman said...

I have a Nikon scope -- I'll get the model number for you when I get home. I am very happy with the price/performance ratio.

I am also very happy with Nikon's customer service policy. I had an old pair of roof prism binoculars with a cracked focus knob that they replaced with a brand new pair.

drjim said...

I'm still looking for one with very generous eye relief so I don't have to lift my glasses up to look through it.