Friday, May 20, 2016

Say What Needs To Be Said

Don't think there will always be time.

When We Were Knights.

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skybill said...

As an "Old Fart Skydiver," 52 years worth, our "Knight" says it all. 'It doesn't have to be "Skydiving, Base jumping or just hanging out at the Bar drinking Beer" ya' can get yer' ticket punched and you didn't get to say "Good bye." Never mind an exclamation point... all ya' get is a period....Period...because that is the end..
Tell everyone you Love them.... Yes that is Good.
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Be Safe out there, know your limitation and that of your gear!!
Blue Skies,
skybill- out
B-4240, C-3114, D-6009, SCR-2034, SCS-680