Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rise of the Caesars

It will be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to take the office of the President of the United States next January. I don't know who Donald will pick as a running mate, but if Hillary makes the strategic choice, she'll ask Bernie to run with her. And then after the convention formalities, they will turn on each other.

Both sides will say that the opponent is an egomanical power hungry narcissist. Both sides will point to the opponent as proof of the demise of reason in American politics. Both sides think the other candidate is a criminal. Both sides have already invoked Godwin's Law.

Both sides are right.

What both sides are wrong about is the idea that the outcome of the election matters.

20 Trillion dollars in debt, unable to win a war in 70 years, a decaying infrastructure, a collapsed manufacturing base, and threatened by multiple enemies abroad, no candidates talk about the issues. There are no serious discussion about the debt, social spending, defense, and the expense of running the federal government.

I'm going to vote for Gary Johnson.


Glen Filthie said...

Trump will win. By a landslide. Unless he does something really, really stupid.

Hillary is already making gaffes.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Trump could be smart and pick an early out as a running mate. I would not object to a Trump Walker ticket or a Trump Santorum or even Trump Perry Ticket. Any of the 3 of them would help his establishment and conservative credentials. Might even be interesting to have a Trump Cain ticket, though as much as I like Cain, other than race and conservative bonefides I don't know what else he brings to the electoral college table since Trump won Georgia.