Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day

I had a friend give me a small container full of very coarse black sand today. There's a lot of that sand on a small island in the Pacific, but I knew what it was and where it came from when he handed it to me. It's one of the places every Marine can name.

There's an endless number of places they have died, though, and no way to even begin a comprehensive list.

Being a bomber crewman making runs over Germany. The 2nd deadliest day in the history of the Marines was at a victory in a place called Belleau Wood in WWI. You could have been a cook or a black shoe boilerman on the USS Bunker Hill, just working away below decks when the kamikazi plane struck. It could have been some unnamed skirmish in France. A training accident at Pensacola. And on and on.

I like the little poster I put here, but it's not all of the price.

I remember Memorial Day parades when I was a boy. There would be several convertibles filled with Gold Star Mothers in the procession, either just before or after the men of the VFW marched past. And there were other families that only got a "Missing in Action" telegram and no closure at all. How long did they wait before hope finally faded?

That's a hard price, too.



Cecil Henry said...

What is the top picture? I don't know it.

juvat said...

The USS Arizona Memorial.

Jim Cosgrove said...

You're kidding, right?

Jim Cosgrove said...
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zdogk9 said...

29 years ago, just after I met my wife we watched the parade, it was the last time the WW1 veterans from our small community marched.

ASM826 said...

Jim Cosgrove,

Not sure I what your question refers to, can you expand it?