Sunday, May 8, 2016

An excerpt from the Book of Cooper

And the heavens opened and a Voice was heard and these four commandments where added to the ten which Moses brought. Follow them with rigor, least wailing and lamentations become thy lot. Then carry these commandments to every and all. Teach them to thy children and thy children's children

All of the things that go bang, verily, the pistols and the rifles and the guns of shot are, each and every time, unto a certainty, filled with powder and shot.

It is the opening where the charge of lead exits that is of great risk. Point it not at that which thee would not destroy.

The levers and devices that cause the shot are of grave importance. Touch them not until ready for the discharge.

Know, as thee knows the palm of thy hand, the object of your shot. Know also, that which lies beyond thy shot.


Old NFO said...

Well done! :-) (golf clap)

DoninSacto1 said...

Verily this is the Truth. Heed it!

Unknown said...

In the Name of the Cooper and The Ayoob, And the Holy Caliber, Amen!

Brilliant! Thank you...