Wednesday, May 18, 2016

America Has Forgotten How To Win

This is from Lt. General (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Here's the link to the whole article. Go and read the whole thing.
Put simply, we are still at war with radical Islamic groups and an ideological movement that can’t be ignored nor wished away. We have to face the fact that ISIS and its army of like-minded jihadists are determined to win that war, and believe they are on the path to victory. They may well be right.                                                                              
That raises two blunt and vital questions that almost never get asked in Washington, D.C. Do we even know how to win wars anymore? Does America still have what it takes? Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that the answers to both those questions are that we probably don’t.
Somewhere along our national journey our political leaders lost the clarity of vision, our military commanders the habits of strategic thought, and our public the determined will to achieve victory. There are times when it almost seems as if the idea of truly winning-- stealing the willingness to continue fighting away from the enemy, and creating a real sense of a victor and a vanquished – has become too politically incorrect. I believe our inability to achieve victory stems mainly from having lost sight as a nation of what it means to win, and of the vital importance of doing so in our own interests.


R.K. Brumbelow said...

Worse, we have forgotten what it means to win and why we should want to win.

matism said...

This dates back to good ol' Harry "A-hole" Truman, when he refused to let MacArthur deal appropriately with the Red Chinese. But at least Harry is now burning where he belongs, along with FDR and a whole slew of other Democrats and Rockefeller Republicans and, hopefully soon, Rove Republicans.

At least in WWII we let the military win and realign the political landscape, even though Roosevelt sucked his buddy Josef and let them strangle Eastern Europe until Reagan fixed the problem.

Kristophr said...

Madisonians don't want to win.

When they get into trouble, the smart ones put Jacksonians in charge of war. We have a particularly stupid Madisonian in ofice. In fact, I don't think this poltroon even rates the title of Madisonian.

Archer said...

We don't know how to win, but at least our troops get a participation ribbon for trying.

That's enough, right?

matism said...

Sometimes, Archer, they get MORE than that these days: