Sunday, April 3, 2016

Back to the Range

Took the Blackhawk and more ammo, among other things, and got out to the range this afternoon. My first observation is that it was a beautiful day to be outside and I had one of the more pleasant days I've had in a while.

The chronograph clearly showed I was at the low end of the speed/pressure spectrum with the .45 Colt. I had two loads with me. One was running 850 to 890 fps. The other, the same load as my last range report here, was running 990 to 1060fps.

Here's youngest son trying it stronghand.

We also had rifles of various sorts. Range Buddy brought out an old German Mauser that had been rebarreled in .257 Roberts and a new Remington in 25.06. They were both a joy to shoot, accurate, good triggers, and mild recoil due the lighter bullets in the full sized guns. It is best not to think about that too much as it leads to new guns in new calibers which is followed by new ammo, new dies, new bullet sizes, load development, new powders, etc. Better to just enjoy them when the opportunity comes around.

A fine afternoon.

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LSP said...

Nice one -- must get into reloading...