Friday, March 18, 2016

The Crest of the Wave

It is my theory that 1969 to 1972 is high water mark for the United States. Coming out of WWII as the manufacturing industrial giant, we built a country that in the 1960s could dream of putting a man on the moon. I think we were already running on inertia by the time we did it. The energy was gone and when we quit the Apollo missions early and turned back, it's been retrograde movement ever since.

Here's a series of pictures of the archaeological ruins the space race left behind. Someone should remember who we were and how high that wave crested.


Arthur said...

I'm convinced that if you look deep enough in the ocean sediment, or deep enough into the dust on Mars you'll find remnants of humanoid explorers from before the dinosaurs.

Humans seems to reach a pinnacle of innovation then turn and eat themselves. It's almost like Marxism is a sort of self regulation to keep us earthbound.

Small dark ages punctuated by total catastrophic regression.

Eric Wilner said...

Now ya got me humming "Hope Eyrie":
Cycles turn while the far stars burn,
And people and planets age.
Life's crown passes to younger lands,
Time brushes dust of hope from his hands
And turns another page.


Chris Byrne said...

You've got three real hard peaks at 68-71 (petering out to '74 before dropping off a cliff), 84-10/87, and 97-9/11.

68-71 was the peak of a LONG sustained wave from '39 to '68 of continuous economic activity or growth, and particularly from 54-68.

Then we were economically in decline from 68-early 84, it just took a couple years to catch up.

Then 84 through October 87 we had an economic peak, that trailed off to '89... then doldrums through late 91, which the culture caught up with around late '93 or early '94.

Then we climbed up from 94-97, and peaked out from 97 through september 11th.

Everything since september 11th has actually been fake growth basically.

Old NFO said...

I will always remember a tour of the LC-39 complex we got back in the late 70s, with one of the designers. Considering they designed the whole thing on slide rules and backs of envelopes, it's a tribute to those engineers and their ability to 'flex' with the technology and add items like the water system for sound suppression and the VAB. It was originally supposed to be 3 pads, but 39C was never completed due to the downturn in the space program.