Monday, February 29, 2016

So, Who Are You Voting Against?

I have watched Hillary take the Democratic nomination with a certain amusement. Votes? Who believes in that anymore. It's all about tying up the delegate count.

My thought up to now has been that if when Hillary is the Democratic candidate I can quit thinking about the election because I would be voting for whoever the opposition nominated.

But now there's a rumor that Mittens is going to jump in and rescue the Republicans from The Donald. 

I will not vote for Mittens, either. I can't believe it, the Republicans found someone I trust less than Hillary. 


Brandon said...

Not sure about that... the article is from 2014

ASM826 said...


Update the link to the one reflecting today's news. Sorry about the outdated one.

Divemedic said...

The Republicans STILL don't get it. Trump is doing well because the people are sick of business as usual politicians, not because they like Trump.

abnormalist said...


Seriously? Thats pretty f'd up. That guy makes pond scum look classy. He even makes the 11AM hooker look virtuous.

Will said...


Divemedic is correct. If you don't understand that, you are not very observant.

Either that, or you like the idiots in the "establishment". They are facing the problem that a Trump nomination/win is going to seriously damage their control of their fiefdom. Either the GOP changes, or it ceases to have any relevancy in politics. That's not even considering the people on the Dems side that want the establishment to die. Change or die, that is what will happen.

Archer said...

Am I the only one amused at the differences in how each party runs its primaries?

The Republican primary is decided by popular vote -- i.e. democratically. The Democrat primary is run by earning delegates and super-delegates -- i.e. as a representative republic is supposed to run.

Just my random observation....