Saturday, January 23, 2016

Range Day

By a margin of about 30 miles, we got rain the last two days. This morning was colder, with light flurries and wind. Youngest son and I decided that we were going to the range. We took his Sig, my 1911 and Colt Woodsman.

On a warm spring Saturday, you'd have to politely join a group on this range and stand shoulder to shoulder. We had the place to ourselves.

4 targets at 3 distances, the furthest at 50 feet, the limit on this range. A good set-up to practice both accuracy, target acquisition, and speed. We ran through a box of 9mm and close to the same in .45 and were considering whether to reset the array or give up and retreat to the wood stove when this happened.

The first indication was that the 1911 would not go into battery. It's a Para, with the two part extractor. It became a three part extractor, which did not work nearly as well. After it broke, the tip moved forward preventing the gun from cycling.

That was the deciding moment and we collected our targets and our brass and called it a day. We made up for it with coffee by the wood stove and some conversation.

When I went looking, the non-standard nature of the Para extractor became an issue. I am going to try the sleeve that Brownell's offers that will allow me to run a standard extractor. Parts on order.


B said...

Contact Remington, they will fix the para for free if it is still under warranty (and many paras were warranteed for life).

Old NFO said...

Any range time is good, having it all to yourself is great! :-)

Guffaw in AZ said...

Too bad. I a;ways liked the look and finish of the Paras. Glad you can find a fix.