Sunday, January 10, 2016

On A Rainy Saturday

I probably would have chosen to do something outside today if the weather had been nicer. Cut a load of firewood for next winter, take a hike, go to the range.

Instead I went to a gun show. No major purchases, there's only one thing I've been considering of late, and I didn't see a Ruger GP100 at any of the tables.

What I did see was a crowd. I ended up parked behind the convention center a hundred yards back. The movement around the event was slow because the aisles were packed. I don't have any idea about gun sales but ammo sales were brisk. All I bought was a small Kershaw folder, but it was an interesting afternoon and I got to talk to a number of friends.

<sarcasm> It was so busy....How busy was it?
It was so busy the guys in the parking lot ran out of assault rifles, bazookas, and grenades before I got there. Didn't see a one of them. <\sarcasm>


MoBoondocks said...

Up till CNN's town hall meeting 9mm was scarce but it went back to being steady sales (which is a good because I had bought a Glock G43 to replace my .22 pistol). Now CCW classes are busy.

libertyman said...

I have been to a number of gun shows, I have never purchased a firearm at one. Like you, I have bought a knife. I have bought a couple of books, it is a great place to buy last year's edition of GunDigest for a few bucks. I think I bought some ammo a few years ago, some .22WRF and some .223, and I did find a few rounds of .35 Smith and Wesson. It is not fun when the crowds are there, so I haven't been for a while.

Ajdshootist said...

BHO gun salesman of the year at work again.

SiGraybeard said...

I'd like to see the GP100 10 shot .22LR revolver, but the thing I've been trying to see is a Ruger Precision Rifle. Don't think they've made out here, yet.