Saturday, January 30, 2016

In That Moment

In that moment in time, when there is time to act, but only just. Not enough time to think about it, have a discussion, only the time to act, how would I respond?

Susan Jordan was put to that test. Susan was an elementary school principal standing outside in front of her school as the children got on their buses at the end of the day. An ordinary afternoon until one of the buses lurched over the curb and accelerated toward her and the nearby children.

She spent the last moments of her life pushing those children out of the way and was the only person to die in that accident. 
"Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett spoke at the funeral, saying that in an instant, Jordan had a decision to make and she made that decision without hesitation and with courage and unconditional love. That decision didn’t make her a hero, Hogsett said, because she had been a hero long before..."
 There is a special place for people like Susan Jordan. I hope they were there to welcome her as she came across the Bifröst Bridge.


Guffaw in AZ said...

RIP Susan!

Of course, many of us claim we would act similarly, but most do not know until they are actually tested.


R.K. Brumbelow said...

Would that we all could, certainly.

There are really 3 kinds of people though, those that harm, those that are harmed, and those who will place themselves between the first two.

Prepares get a bad rap for ever envisioning wtshtf or similar situations, but it is a nescessary part of being one of the last group from above.

If you mentally and physically train yourself, in a variety of situations, and commit yourself morally and spiritually to that position, you will find that in a situation like the bus and kids, you will act with the kind of fortitude she did.

In the present generation, many want the lauditude of being a hero, without being willing to pay the price. To that I say, if there is no price to be paid, it is not heroism. And if the desire is to earn a medal, then there is no heroism either. You do what needs to be done, because no one else will do it and you pay the price, because to not do it ( the heroic action) is to no longer be who you are.

Don't want no medals, don't want no glory, don't want no real estate, just want to do for others what I hope they would do for my family, and I know my brothers will.

Old NFO said...

She is a hero, in the truest sense of the word. RIP Lady!