Monday, December 21, 2015

Scout Leader Mauled By Bear

All the wire services have the story. A Boy Scout leader and three Scouts were exploring the entrance of a cave. A bear attacked the leader. He hit the bear with his rock hammer, the Scouts called 911, he got airlifted, now they are trying to find the bear. All wrapped up in four short paragraphs.

Getting mauled by a bear is not all of it. Right there in the story is the unspoken problem the Scout Leader and the Troop will face. It was one leader, alone with three Scouts. It might be okay for the Scouts to go hiking alone, but it is a policy violation in Scouting in the modern era for one adult leader to be with Scouts by himself. 

You can't even email a Scout unless you CC the Scout's parent or other leaders to ensure the contact is appropriate. 

And you're supposed to self report any policy violations.

By the time this is over, he'll probably wish he was back in the cave with the bear.


Tacitus2 said...

And its not just a silly policy, it is in these times a sensible precaution that all adults working with kids must take. The impact of confirmed abuse under the auspices of an organization is horrific. The impact of accusations of alleged abuse (if spurious, of course to hell with the feelings of actual abusers) is devastating to the innocent.

Protect yourselves. And offer no cover or excuses to the real monsters.

Hard for organizations and individuals to translate these tenets to a real world that actually functions.


Michael said...

The truth is that a lot of us scoutmasters are not in the finest physical shape and its entirely possible a stroke or a heart attack could take us out of the picture one of these days while far away from help. Its a dang good idea to have another adult along in case of emergency regardless of the policys intentions. I don't even go out in the ocean on my boat alone anymore, much less off the beaten path with some scouts in tow.

Ratus said...

So Borepatch, you're saying he wasn't there for the hiking.


Eric Wilner said...

Michael: never mind a heart attack; a broken leg can happen at any age. Having a second driver along on any excursion to remote places - even a little bit remote - is indeed a sensible precaution.
(Yeah, I go hiking by myself all the time, but it's always in places where there are other people around, so help will wander by within a few minutes if I get in trouble.)

matism said...

He won't be in any trouble with the Scout authorities unless he is straight. If he's gay, all will be forgiven.

And when I was a scout, the leaders taught us first aid and such. Maybe they no longer do such things today, but I would be more inclined to trust a group of scouts to be able to help in an emergency than I would be to trust any random adult in this country today.

Old NFO said...

Truly sad... sigh