Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's Not Just Me

I don't know yet what anything means, but I have learned that the events in my life the last two weeks are far from unusual. Because I have been so open about what happened, almost everyone I speak with tells me of their own pain, their own loss, or their own fears for a loved one in some crisis.

All of us have these events. A brother 15 years into a losing battle with drug addiction, where every late night phone call may be the news. A sister that took her own life in college 25 years ago. A baby that died of SIDS who would now be a college freshman. On and on.

People get up every day and carry on. They are right here with us, walking past on the sidewalk, in our workplaces, our churches, our gun clubs, in our grocery store.

The symbol of the Catholic Church, of a crucified man raised into the sky, often leaves out a important part of that event. At the foot of that cross were three people, his mother, John the beloved, and a woman who loved him. They stood and grieved. They are the symbols of humanity.


Old NFO said...

That they are, and they too carried on. Each of us handles things in different ways...

doubletrouble said...

No, not just you.
A friend's beautiful 40 yo daughter (Susan) decided, a couple weeks ago, that she'd had enough.
Are you familiar with the Divine Mercy? Powerful stuff.
Read Wisdom 3:1-9
I'm still praying for Michael (& Susan).

Glen Filthie said...

It never goes away. I didn't lose a child as you did ASM - but may as well have. Every day. It may be at coffee, or in between phone calls or sales calls or even out at the airfield or on the range. A little memory, a little grief, a little guilt. I thought I had psychological issues because of it but was told - no, this was normal, all it is, is the grieving of a good father. It's been four or five years for me now...maybe one day the hurt goes away but I don't know if that's a good thing either.