Saturday, October 24, 2015

They're Saying Hillary Looks and Acts Presidential

And I think they are right.

I think she looks and acts positively Nixonian.


Cecil Henry said...

They say whatever they're paid to say. Or what they want to believe.

Why would you give them any attention or time???

Why do they even believe they are credible. They're beyond laughable.

drjim said...

At least Nixon had the ethics to resign.

And he did a lot to "normalize" relations with China.

And he initiated Operation Linebacker to bomb the snot out of the commies in North Viet Nam.

He wasn't perfect, but I'd rather have Tricky Dick brought back from the dead to be President than to have the Hildebeast be in office.

Say what you will about Nixon, Hillary is just plain EEEEVIL!

Ken said...

Not much of a trade in my book. Nixon also helped give us OSHA, EPA, and a wage-price freeze.

Authoritarian statists gonna state authoritarianalistically.

Paul Bonneau said...

Lizard people rule DC...