Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Scranton Lace Factory

Founded in 1897, it was the largest Nottingham Lace factory in the world. It shut down in 2002. It looks like they just shut down the equipment and walked away. Here's one image and a link to many more along with the photographer's comments.

It is a piece of old America, a self contained factory with employee recreation rooms, a bowling alley, infirmary, and kitchen.


Jerry The Geek said...

Excellent find!
I did try to enter a comment on the original website, to express my appreciation to the authors, but there were too many awkward procedures which I couldn't overcome.

So I'll tell you thanks for the memories. And if you can contact the original author(s), please pass on my deep appreciation for the images and the sense of loss I felt as I explored this ... place ... and wished it was still busily productive in its job of producing beautiful textiles.

Chickenmom said...

What a wonderful photo essay! Thank you so much for posting it. The noise and the heat generated by those looms must have been horrendous!Lace patterns are a marvel to look at and have.