Monday, October 12, 2015

Now I'm Back

Just starting to go through the pictures.


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Old NFO said...

Purty! The fall colors are right on time... Kinda... But running late the further south one goes.

waepnedmann said...

Bring the heat.
Bring the stupid.
Back when digital dinosaurs walked the earth (the 80s) I worked for a construction company building the first computer operated jail west of the Rockys.
The jail was a county facility, but due to politics had been build in the heart of the city where the local attorneys owned their offices.
Parking is still a nightmare.
The city bought its power in a unit bloc and if the city exceeded that unit the additional electricity had to be purchased at a much higher rate from another supplier.
The city, in order to save power, had mandated that all new homes, business, or facilities, have their HVAC systems designed to operate with a maximum outside temp of 95 degrees F.
This in the northernmost end of the Central Valley of California where daytime temps routinely exceeded 110 degrees in July and August.
One fine July day a round-eyed panicked city tech showed up blathering that we were exceededing the unit bloc for power consumption in the city and that he had been ordered to shut down all power.
He did so and the heat built up to the point that many weeks worth of programming in the control rooms was destroyed.
I suggested a change order to add individual cooling systems for just the control rooms to avoid this in the future.
As a side note: during construction of this jail the county closed all of the county libraries as a cost saving measure. That said a lot to me about the priorities of the county administration.

Hammerbach said...

Reminds me of a plce I know in Arrowsic, Maine... Beautiful...