Thursday, October 15, 2015

Media Bias

We already know that the media is unashamedly biased in it's reporting. The progressives got a taste of it last night and this morning. The narrative is that Hillary is back on track, slammed homers out the park last night, is once again the presumptive heir to the throne.

Nothing will be allowed to get in the way. Not the polling that showed Bernie winning by 70-80%, not the outraged comments from good liberals who aren't used to seeing their words disappear from the new websites, not the Facebook storm of butthurt Bernie supporters who see, just for a moment, how it feels to be on the on the wrong side of corporate liberalism.

They will forget. It will be too much cognative dissonance to remember for long. Because if they are doing this, what else might not be reported honestly?

Here's a couple of screen captures. The Fox poll is still up, the CNN poll was pulled. What remains is now the triumphant headline "Hillary Clinton's big night on the debate stage."

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Paul Bonneau said...

If I could control my retching impulse, this race (both D and R) would be hugely amusing to watch.