Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Major League Baseball and the World Series

I used to watch the game of the week. For decades, when the fall came, I followed the pennant races and the World Series. But by the time the World Series started, I had a feel for the teams, some of the key players. Even if it wasn't my favorite teams, I'd find someone to root for.

Now MLB has sold their birthright to the cable channels. I haven't seen a game all season. I don't know a single player. Only knew the Mets were in it because they swept the Cubs. All the games so far were on channels I don't get. Now the last seven are on Fox. I have the television on, but really, without the pennant races and the build-up, how can MLB expect me to be interested?

They need to get this sport back in front of all the fans throughout the season.

I'm going to go cruise the menu on Netflix.


B said...

NASCAR has done the same thing. I can't see most races because I don't have cable.

Sadly, there is no way without paying over $100 per month (for a bunch of channels I don't want) to see the races. I'd gladly pay to see the races over the internet, but there is no streaming service which is licensed to carry the races.

So I as a fan have been abandoned by NASCAR.

OldAFSarge said...

Hear, hear!

Borepatch said...

It's eating seed corn. If you track ROI on a quarter-by-quarter basis, it makes sense. if you track it by year-on-year, it's a disaster.

Will said...

If I wanted to see GP racing, or shooting and hunting programs, I was required to buy the highest priced cable level. Never did. Now, all we get cable for is web access, period. Hundreds of channels, with almost nothing worth watching. Why bother. Not cost effective.