Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gun Control

From elevenbravotwenty:

Giving all the power to the state always ends badly. It begs the question of why the current politicians want so badly to disarm us.

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Glen Filthie said...

I used to drink the NRA koolaid, ASM...but I don't anymore. You can defend yourself and your family from some of the garden variety hoodlums and failed liberal social experiments...but if your govt turns on you - you are absolutely hooped.

I say that based on Falleujah in Iran - where every second moslem turd brain and his son had an AK47 and RPG's...and tinkered with IEDs for added amusement and entertainment. Contrary to the fags in the media the US military ate them alive. You never see or hear about the kill ratios but I will bet that for every American killed, 5~10 or more mud flaps bit the Big Green Weiner. So it would go here, too. Even if we won there would be no guarantee of a return to civilization. People that taste power seldom want to give it up - it corrupts.

Armed mobs of vigilantes kill moms in front of their children too. I look at this with a sense of helplessness and wonder why we all insist on playing with this fire and why we are fighting each other for the gasoline and matches...we are all going to get burned.