Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gains and Losses

I like my digital camera, I can take 1000 pictures at no added cost, but I miss Kodachrome 64 slide film and the effort necessary to get a superior result.

I like the smartphone and the mapping software that keeps me oriented on the road. I had maps for backup and never opened one. I know they are tracking me. They're tracking everyone. It's still great technology, even if the monitoring the government is doing is a gross violation of our rights.

I like the cellphone, call from almost anywhere. I really don't miss payphones, and they are just about extinct.

And in today's news. another icon falls to the digital age. If you want to look at ladies, of any age, in any shape, doing anything in the nude, it's a click away. It finally has killed Playboy magazine, at least in the form we all knew it. Playboy has announced that it is doing away with nude photos of the models. It just doesn't sell anymore. Now if you buy the magazine, it really will be for the articles.

We had a fort out in the woods when I was a boy. There was a stack of magazines acquired from older brothers or filched from Dad. I went and googled Playboy cover art and I remember this one. Can't say I remember anything about Groucho Marx in his eighties, though.

I haven't bought a men's magazine in 30 years, but somehow this seems like a loss.

Also, so much for gravitas.


Borepatch said...

Gravitas is as gravitas does. But nice nostalgia.


Guffaw in AZ said...

As many are commenting on the 'net, today, I saw my first nekkid woman in Playboy.
The times, they are a changin'.


Paul Bonneau said...

Ah, Miss September, 1968, Dianne Chandler... :-)

Paul Bonneau said...

Sorry, 1966. I got distracted...