Friday, October 2, 2015

Armed or Not

When the wolf comes, make a stand.

When the police arrive, what do they bring? Guns. Lots of guns and men trained and prepared to use them. But the most important thing they bring is the will to act. Even without the guns, that's what makes them effective.

Know there are situations where you will be disarmed. (Airplanes, schools, courthouses, etc.) Plan accordingly. Find something that  makes sense to you. Train regularly. Plan. Armed or not, make a stand.

If someone says to you this week, "Never again", agree with them. Never again should healthy adults stand there and answer questions about their religion and wait to be shot in the head.

We should train our children, too. In a classroom full of people, one shooter should be buried in book bags, chairs, and desks, and neutralized as a threat by trained and motivated people. At the first sight of the weapon, everyone should respond. We train for fires, why not other threats?


Irish said...

I had this exact conversation with a friend earlier.

How can people stand there and watch and wait? Why didn't they ALL rush him. If you're gonna die, die with your boots on.

I reminded my friend about Flight 93. They died fighting, not riding to their death like sheep.

This Army vet did what he could

drjim said...

Because the public "education" system along with the lame-stream media has demonized guns to the point that the sheeple in these places are paralyzed at even the sight of a gun.

Hence, no response.....

Michael said...

Rushing an armed attacker when I was 19 saved my life and the life of a friend. I took some severe injuries but I am here today to tell about it .... could certainly have turned out otherwise. It was an easy choice at the time, he was certainly going to kill us one way or another. We need to train our kids, our wives, our sons, our mothers with the will and skills to resist. Most of these pasty faced weirdos would probably drop with a single well placed punch to the throat. Even if you get shot trying, you just created an opening for someone else to take his gun.