Saturday, August 1, 2015

Something Different

It was a Garand Match Saturday with a difference. It was the standard targets and the standard course of fire, but this time some of us shot it with .22s.

Several guys had the the Kimber target rifles that the CMP had for sale. I was using an old Winchester 75 with Redfield sights.

I'd never fired that rifle at 100 yards for score so I went out early and set up a target. I added 25 clicks of elevation, tried it, then added 12 more, and ended up taking 2 back off. That put rounds in the 10 ring. The rifle and the ammo were certainly capable.

The scores haven't been posted, but I am quite sure I was the weak link. I scored a 262 out of 300. Regular Shooting Buddy shot a 278. Neither of us won.

It was fun though and I need to spend some more time with the .22 because using the match for practice is not a recipe for success.

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Old NFO said...

That's a nice set up though! And yeah, matches are NOT for practice... :-) Not that I've ever done that... Nope...