Monday, August 31, 2015

Fatlighter, Fatwood, Lighter knot, etc.

My commenters got it right, that stump is pure resinous fatlighter. I think it's about a $150 worth, comparing it to what it costs from LLBean. I usually find them where a pine tree died standing and the resin ran back into the stump, then the tree decayed. I hadn't seen one in a couple of years and was happy to find it just walking through the woods.

Here's the wiki on fatlighter.
"Coniferous tree sap is a viscous liquid, that contains terpene, a volatile compound which is a type of hydrocarbon. Over time the evaporation of the terpene changes the state of the sap; it slowly gets thicker until it hardens into resin. New fatwood leaks the sticky sap, while in aged fatwood the sap has hardened and is no longer sticky. At every stage of the aging process, fatwood will burn readily, even when wet."


drjim said...

I'll have to get some of that. Even though I have many ways to light a fire, that stuff just looks soooo cooool.... said...

We usually find old fence posts twt have turned to fat pine. Great material to have on hand.