Monday, July 27, 2015

Privacy and Ashley Madison

Privacy, individual privacy, is an ever increasing priority. If there's not a right to privacy, I'm in favor a Constitutional amendment to establish it. But I think there is a presumption of privacy in the 4th Amendment and certainly it is presumed to be important in the HIPPA and FIRPA laws. We all want some privacy in our affairs (I'm sorry, couldn't help it).

Ashley Madison, for anyone who doesn't know, was a website designed for married people to meet other people and have affairs. It got hacked and the details of the user accounts is apparently in the hands of the hackers. This seems to have caused no end of mirth and amusement on the interwebz. What I don't see, in all the jokes and snark, is any sympathy for individual people and recognition of their right to privacy.

Yes, it was stupid to think that anything online would stay private. But we all live online, our credit cards and bank accounts, the sites we visit, the things we buy or read.

I'm willing to give others freedom of speech so I can have freedom of speech. I'm also willing to give others privacy so I can have privacy, too.

Yes, there are moral issues surrounding how we behave, but they are personal. If I'm not supposed to be concerned about gender reassignment surgery, gay marriage, polygamy, etc. why would I be concerned about someone I don't know having an affair?


Guffaw in AZ said...

Different strokes and all that...
But people who play on the 'net should have no reasonable expectation of privacy - especially in the sex venues.
YES, and amendment is a good idea - However, I suspect it would work about as efficiently as the Second...


ASM826 said...


I would say that they should have an expectation of privacy, although currently they do not.


Borepatch said...

From the 1990s: "You got no stinking privacy. Get over it."

And plan your online activities accordingly ...

ASM826 said...

From the 2010s. Time to make some stinkin' privacy. We have the technology.

Or, possibly, time to accept that humans will behave in all sorts of ways and quit being shocked when they do.