Monday, July 27, 2015

Mouthful of Feathers

An addition to the blogroll. Because he writes of guns and good dogs and what it takes and what it costs. Here's a Mouthful of Feathers.
"The people who write here and many of the ones who read this blog would happily breathe their last breath while climbing a scree slope towards a dog on point."
--Greg McReynolds


Old NFO said...

Sounds good! I'll go check it out!

Arthur said...


Because a dog on point usually has a point. :P

jon spencer said...

I have so many subscriptions on my RSS feeder that I am really fussy as to what and who I read.
When I click on a recommendation and the first thing that I see is that light on dark printing, I just close the link.
Oh well.

ASM826 said...

Then highlight it and copy/paste in the reader of your choice.

burkdoggy said...

Thanks for the tip. It's good reading.