Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The local K-Mart is closing. I went out there today and walked around. The building and the fixtures looked tired. It was clearly in decline and if other K-Marts look like this it's just a matter of time.
They are consolidating the remaining stock in the front of the store. This is what it looks like in the back.

When we lived in South Carolina, K-Mart used to be the only chain department store in town. There was no on-line shopping, although Sears still had a catalog. Mostly, if K-Mart didn't have it, you put it on a list and went looking for it the next time you drove to Savannah.

I stopped going in K-Marts when they stopped carrying ammunition. I didn't even care why they stopped, it was enough. That was 1999. Looks like my boycott worked.

UPDATE: As twocents pointed out in the comments, Sears continues to have catalog sales. I had no idea. I have not shopped in Sears for years. 


Tim Covington said...

It's been over 15 years since I was in a K-Mart (they all shutdown in my area about then). Even 20 years ago the ones I went in were looking old and tired.

Archer said...

Our local K-Mart still has items on the shelves, but the store as a whole looks just as old and worn as your photo. The cheap fluorescent lighting doesn't help, either.

Even the Goodwill stores in town look and feel less worn, and they sell used stuff!

Mulliga said...

The K-Marts here are the same way - dated, cluttered, and depressing. HArdly anyone shops there.

When Wal-Mart has nicer displays and faster employees, you know you're in trouble.

2cents said...

One correction, Sears still has a catalog and catalog stores. There is one in Ellsworth, Maine. In fact, I look at it now and wonder if it is the model for retailing in the future. You can go online and shop, then go to the store to see, feel and generally examine your purchase before taking it home, whether it is a Craftsman tool or a Kenmore washer. I think most consumers still want that part of the shopping experience.

.45ACP+P said...

The K-mart here was shut down about 2 years ago. They still had ammo, mostly shotgun. I scored a decent price on sabot slugs and bought several 5 packs. I still have .22LR in my stash purchased in the 70's with K-Mart stickers on it. I still morn the loss of the $5.00 brick on Winchester Wildcat. Damn, I am getting old!