Thursday, July 9, 2015

Culture Wars

I continue to be humbled that anyone want to read my words and thank you both for reading and for those of you who take the time and effort to leave comments. Once again, the comments lead to the next post.

Glen Filthie points out that standing up for the free speech of people that do not themselves believe in free speech is the action of a fool. Nonetheless, I think there is no other way to support my own rights.

I have to do my level best to defend all the rights of everyone, even if they use those rights to try to infringe on mine. The guy who stands up and says, "I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but..." does not believe in the 2nd Amendment, or indeed in the ideas of personal freedom enshrined in the whole Bill of Rights.

So too, the guy who stands up and says, "I believe in the right to free speech, but..." doesn't believe in free speech. He believes in regulated speech, approved speech, controlled speech. It's the kind of thinking that puts up cattle fences outside a convention hall and calls it a "free speech zone". It's the kind of thinking that creates a law that bans "hate speech".

So I believe in and defend the right of:

a gay person to speak, write,to create art, take photos, make and wave flags, etc.

a Christian fundamentalist to speak, write, to create art, take photos, make and wave flags, etc.

a gun rights advocate to speak, write, to create art, take photos, make and wave flags, etc.

a Buddhist to speak, write, to create art, take photos, make and wave flags, etc.

a neo-Nazi to speak, write, to create art, take photos, make and wave flags, etc.

<any person> to speak, write, to create art, take photos, make and wave flags, etc.

If they use these rights to advocate for infringing on the rights of others, so be it. They can still say it. You don't have to be right or smart or educated to use free speech. It's a tool anyone can use. I'm using it now. It cannot be taken from me. It's a right, not a privilege.
“We live in a world in which people are censured, demoted, imprisoned, beheaded, simply because they have opened their mouths, flapped their lips, and vibrated some air. Yes, those vibrations can make us feel sad or stupid or alienated. Tough shit. That's the price of admission to the marketplace of ideas. Hateful, blasphemous, prejudiced, vulgar, rude, or ignorant remarks are the music of a free society, and the relentless patter of idiots is how we know we're in one. When all the words in our public conversation are fair, good, and true, it's time to make a run for the fence.”
― Daniel Gilbert
** EDITED: I had put in "group" where I now have person and I had groups mentioned in the lines above. Burkdoggy, in the comments, rightly called me on it and I edited the post because it is individuals that have rights, not groups.


burt said...

Wow. Your post contains so many microagressions that I think I'll sue you for making me unhappy!


When the POTUS stands at a podium and (essentially) tells Americans that they are intolerant white-privileged racists, and when he claims that a criminal assailant could have looked like his child, he lets loose the first sparks of the flames of hatred.

And when his attorney general uses the US Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice to violate the civil rights of some, while simultaneously ignoring incidents where actual civil rights violations are occuring, The People lose faith in the fairness of government.

A fish rots from the head.

2030. If we're lucky. Sooner, maybe.

Graybeard said...

The problem is always, always, always when rights collide. I don't have even the tiniest issue with the rights of ""any group" to speak, write, to create art, take photos, make and wave flags, etc." but when when any group demands I do something I don't want to do, that's a whole 'nother question. When it's essentially not just that I accept their right but that I give them special rights, it has crossed the line. When they use their rights to try take away mine, that can't be accepted.

Glen Filthie said...

Well it's always a pleasure to read your stuff ASM. You and BP are interesting men as are visiting celebrities like Old NFO.

As to this stuff, I think we need to really look at what's going on here. The left achieves power by dividing and conquering and that is what they are doing here - the queers are an excellent wedge to drive between good men that would ordinarily agree on pretty much everything. I would counter your argument with this:

I support the first and second amendment BUT I acknowledge that there are self imposed responsibilities that go along with that. I would ask you to ask yourself: what do you get out of all this? Does defending the queer attacks on rights and freedoms make you, your family, your community or your nation stronger? Is it rational to disrespect a flag and the people that revere it - and then demand that they don't hate you by enforcing vile, freedom-killingg laws that in themselves are direct breaches of the constitution?

I heard that those bakers are getting beaned for $135K for refusing to bake a cake for a couple of sullen lesbians. Where is the freedom and justice in that? Freedom that goes only one way - for certain politically correct approved victim groups is not freedom at all.

All I can say is that I hope you and the libertarian crowd rethink this. There is no ideal solution once you open these cans of worms.

Will Brown said...

People who demand acknowledgement of their rights, but refuse to acknowledge limits on the exercise of their rights don't understand how rights work.

People who object to other's exercise of their rights because they find such exercise offensive also don't understand how rights work.

People who think that the exercise of rights can ever be anything but contentious, or occur equilaterally without the threat of third-party force, don't understand how exercise works.

Pop quiz: Stipulate that everyone has the same rights; whose rights go first/farthest? Who says?

I'll wait.

burkdoggy said...

I could get on board with you if you replaced "any group" with "any person". Almost.

There needs to be some limit on some rights. No one should be able to exercise their right to religion for example, if that religion requires the taking of another individual's life.

Just sayin'.

2cents said...

Amen. It is what makes us great. I fear no words. And may have even changed my mind once or twice after listening to them(except from borepatch).