Saturday, June 20, 2015

Two Ways To Look At It

Here's a video about trying to defend against a committed attacker with a knife. This has the feel of a real attack and it's terrifying. Defending against this, especially backed up to a wall, is impossible.

Look at it the other way. If the guy in the red jacket had a gun and was trying to shoot everyone in the room, how far would he get against committed defenders with pocket knives? Fists? Knees and elbows?



Bill Matthey said...

Eye opening mostly because I never considered a knife attack. So now how about a video on how to counter such an attack? I know, I could go to U-tube and search for such a critter but I figured that since you published the attack you'd want to do the other side as well. Am I wrong?

ASM826 said...


No, you're right. I spend several hundred hours a year training and I intend to revisit this.

The point here is the little shit in that church and the total lack of response on the part of the parishioners.

The first thing is avoidance. Don't let him get that close, don't get backed into a wall, don't wait for him to start his frenzied attack. Even if the guy in the red coat had a gun, he would not be able to deploy it by the time the attack began.

Watch for my response in a post in a few days.

STxAR said...

That is terrifying. You are correct. Distance is your friend. When the confusion strikes, your just blew past the stop sign.

God gave us our guts to keep us safe, and we've learned not to trust them. When I feel the first butterfly flap, it's time to act. If that creepy dude on the elevator makes your uncomfortable, get off the elevator. Don't worry about being rude.

I picked up a follower in a store once. When I walked outside, I saw him closing on me in the window. My gut flittered a bit, I turned and used my dad voice and asked what he wanted. Threw him off... He stammered and turned around a walked quickly off. Use your gut. That's what its for.

Old NFO said...

He shows it's NOT A GAME! Your ONLY option is to fight as hard as you can, and do everything in your power to defend yourself. 21 feet IS the closest distance where you have a chance to get to your firearm...

Anonymous said...

Sadly, 'we' have been trained for a couple generations now, NOT to fight!
Sheep to the f'n slaughter.


selsey.steve said...

Situational awareness, that's what it's all about.
Know where you are, know who is near you, who is just a bit further away, who is far away. Know where your own weapon is, get ready to use it. Don't ever threaten, just shoot.
And then get ready to shoot again ... at a completely unexpected target.

Eric Wilner said...

Now try the scenario in which the guy with the knife is an angry dwarf in a wheelchair pretending to be a Dalek.
Yes, really.