Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Last Day

Radio Shack crosses the line.


R.K. Brumbelow said...

Radioshack has been 'cellphone and junk hut' for well over a decade. It died a few years after consumer devices tended to disposable.
They never even stocked Niad Pulse Converters or Anza Brushes

Steve Kupillas said...

I stopped by our local one in Newport, Oregon, a couple of weeks ago. never was a great store. Maybe for HAMs and such. They had nothing left worth anything. The discounts were not very good considering the situation.

Another thing of the past.

Just like our Constitution.


B said...

THey closed all ours down a few weeks ago.

I worked for Radio Shack many years ago. THey had some good products, but failed to keep up with the times. THen they lost out to Circuit City/Best Buy etc.

THey failed to evolve.

Old NFO said...

Just like Heathkits... They just died a slower death...

ASM826 said...

I took that picture as I walked up to the door. They were selling anything you could put in a large shopping bag for $20.00, and after looking around, I walked back out empty handed.

Comrade Misfit said...

As someone else snarked:

"Radio Shack: You have questions, we have blank stares."

drjim said...

I think there's still some of the stores remaining open. The one I drove by in San Pedro Saturday looked "normal", with no signs up.

Have they shuttered 100% of their stores now?

Anonymous said...

Heath, Lafayette, now Radio Shack.
All victims of Amazon and EBay (Big Net)

Should they sue?


Comrade Misfit said...

armedlaughing, more like "victims of Walmart". A few years back, I bought a cable modem at Walmart. The RS across the road wanted about 1.8 times as much for the same model.