Friday, June 26, 2015

Situational Awareness

They knew he was there. They asked him to move back. The situation deteriorated and two San Diego firemen ended up in the hospital with multiple stab wounds.


Anonymous said...

I've known at least one fireman who carried - I wonder how many more do, regardless of department policy?
Might seem prudent?


Divemedic said...

That is a difficult proposition. There are many places where a firefighter must go, but legally can't carry: jails, courthouses, schools, etc.

So what do you do? Carry anyway and risk jail and loss of your job?

The only two times that I carried during my 22 year career was to my deployment to hurricane Katrina, and once when I was left by myself to secure a fire scene overnight in the projects until the arson investigator could arrive in the morning.

NotClauswitz said...

Firefighters can carry an axe, no? That would be good for enforcing distance discipline. :-)