Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Machete Attack

A woman was attacked today as she left a yoga class in Bryant Park in New York City. The attacker used this:

America in the 21st century.


IRISH said...

Good thing security was there with their chairs.

From the article:

Members of the park’s private security team followed the slasher with folding chairs for protection as members of the NYPD eventually caught up with the suspect at the south entrance off of 40th Street.


drjim said...

Time for tougher machete control laws!

Anonymous said...

Well, it was NYC!
Strict gun control laws and massive illegal immigration.

What could go wrong?


kotetu said...

Goddamned folding chairs. Fucking antis.

The police department is just 4 blocks (1 mile) away. How much time is "eventually" in that sentence, "the NYPD eventually caught up with the suspect"? Bing maps puts it at 5 minutes by car, but presumably with sirens you'd make it there faster.