Saturday, June 20, 2015

Folding Chairs and Accuracy

I was discussing my theory of immediate offense as a defense against an active shooter with some guys at the range. This was after Virginia Tech. The conversation went around in various directions and we came up with the following test.

  1. Set up a stage like a USPSA stage., walls, barriers, multiple targets, etc.
  2. Have a shooter run the course. Record his time and accuracy.
  3. Pull a stack of the folding chairs out of the clubhouse, get a dozen guys ready. Have the same shooter run the course again while the guys are throwing folding chairs at him. For safety, only throw the chairs at his legs.
  4. Record his time and accuracy on the second run.
  5. Compare.


B said...

throw ANYTHING at him. Shoes, sandwiches, keyrings, coins, etc. Anything you have.

Any distraction will greatly reduce his effectiveness.

Old NFO said...

+1 on B, books, backpacks anything works. And once s/he's distracted pound their ass.

STxAR said...

Thankfully, we can throw bullets his way down here in STx. Multiple Texas school districts have armed employees now. Campus carry has been signed.

Locally, they put up a locked fence in front of the elementary school. I guess to herd the targets into a lane of fire over 100 yards long! Sheesh. Who thought of that?

Anonymous said...

The official policy of the US Army for dealing with an active shooter is "cower in place and wait for someone to come rescue you". Any mention of self defense, even academically, gets you labeled as a potential insider threat. (don't ask how I know this)

David said...

Would the USPSA shooter be allowed to shoot the chair throwers? No?

I suppose it's not quite the same...

ASM826 said...

It would be the chairs throwers could close on him, beat him with the chairs, gouge his eyes, stomp his groin, bite, punch and kick him until he stopped shooting.