Friday, June 19, 2015

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Etc.

Every time there is a shooting in the United States, without fail, certain politicians can be depended on to call for more gun control. It's as predictable as puddles after a rainstorm. It's as if they believe that violence is caused by the guns.

The laws that have been passed have gone a long way to disarming the average citizen. Schools, churches, government buildings, airplanes, even military bases, have been turned in gun-free victim rich areas for a disturbed person to have a period of time in which to kill a large number of people.

People see this, and they sense it's wrong, but they draw the wrong conclusion.

Here's a better answer. Fight back. Turn in, assess, and attack. Yes, you may die. If so, you died doing what men do, defending others. At Virginia Tech, young healthy men cowered while the shooter walked down aisles shooting people in the head. It's no answer.

Even as law abiding, rule following citizens, when we are in situations where we have been legally prohibited from carrying a gun, to freeze up in the event of an attacker, and simply wait while he kills people, is immoral.

At Virginia Tech, they could have taken books, chairs, tables, and bookbags and buried the shooter in them, overpowered and disarmed him. Less people would have died.

In this church in Charleston, they could have rushed him from all directions. Less people would have died.

In the high school at Columbine, they could have rushed them. Less people would have died.

We need to regrow our fangs. We need to train ourselves to fight. We need train our children to run if they can, fight if they must, but to never stand idle in the face of evil.

Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is the righteous man who gives way before the wicked.
--Proverbs 25:26


drjim said...

Well put!

R.K. Brumbelow said...

I know a few Reformed Baptist churches where the deacons are assigned lanes of fire. Of course they all have another thing in common: NFA Gun Trusts.

Old NFO said...

Sad circumstance, and one nutcase has taken nine good lives. May he rot in hell, and the politicians alongside him... You're right, fight back!!!

Divemedic said...

How long did this shooting take? He reloaded 5 TIMES, one woman had the time to tell her grandchild to play dead, and he had a conversation with at least two of his victims after the shooting started.

Seriously? Why would you sit there and have a conversation with a killer who is in the act of murdering people around you, and hope that he will spare your life? Why wouldn't you go down fighting?

drjim said...

Hate to say it because I'm sure they were good people, but....


Richard said...

Thank you for changing the Captcha. The prior version was unusable.

Anonymous said...

Amen, bro!


burt said...

We need to change the conversation.

Too many people are afraid of a shaped piece of steel or a molded piece of polycarbonate called a firearm. They imbue an inanimate object with intent, as if the inanimate object can suddenly come to life on its own and perform evil deeds.

The conversation needs to be shifted from "firearms are bad all the time" to "firearms are invisible and harmless when owned and carried by good people".

We also need to keep posting, publishing, and repeating Dave Grossman's treatise "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs" ( And when the sheep say "The police are my sheepdog", ask them "Where is the nearest sheepdog *right this very minute*?" If their sheepdog is more than 1 minute away, ask them to quietly look at their watch for an entire 60 seconds.. it's longer than most folks think.

Too many people have never read this treatise, and would take it as an insult to be called a sheep. But these are the same people who cry out against a sheepdog in their neighborhood because "all guns are evil". They don't recognize the hypocrisy of hating gun ownership while demanding someone else protect them -- with a gun.

As a 10-year Navy vet with "related experience", I know how to properly keep and bear firearms. I am my family's sheepdog. Who's YOUR family's sheepdog?

Paul Bonneau said...

This is Darwin at work. Some people are sheep to be shorn.

It's not unheard of for unarmed people to take on a shooter.