Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Center Does Not Hold

The Boy Scouts of America has banned squirt guns.


R.K. Brumbelow said...

Speaking of rubber bands if they continue to wrap them around the BoyScouts -redacted- then they will grow up to be Girl Scouts not Boy Scouts and the problem will be solved.

Bob said...

I'd make a crack about whirring noises coming from the grave of Ernest Thompson Seton, but he was cremated and his ashes scattered.

Ever heard of Trail Life USA, Mark?

Old NFO said...

But they still allow shotguns and .22s... At least for now...

ProudHillbilly said...

Have you seen the drivel the Girl Scouts are now involved with? There are no such things as boys or girls.

Any species that reaches this level of stupid deserves all that a Darwin Award entails.

Weetabix said...

The Boy Scouts have been in the emasculators' crosshairs for ages. I suppose it was inevitable.

I'm glad my son got his Eagle and aged out a few years ago. That was my self-imposed timeline to step down as a Scout leader. I'd be kicked out for my beliefs and attitudes now.

STxAR said...

I was reading the 1911 Boy Scout Manual: Think the troop mothers would allow this:

Runaway Horses

The method for checking a horse running away is not to run out and wave your arm in front of him, as this will only cause him to dodge to one side and to run faster, but to try to run alongside the vehicle with one hand on the shaft to prevent yourself from falling, seizing the reins with the other hand and dragging the horse's head toward you. If when he has somewhat slowed down by this method, you can turn him toward a wall or a house he will probably stop.

Mad Dog

The first thing to do is to kill the mad dog at once. Wrap a handkerchief around the hand to prevent the dog's teeth from entering the flesh and grasp a club of some kind. If you can stop the dog with a stick you should hit him hard over the head with it, or kick him under the jaw. A handkerchief held in front of you in your outstretched hands will generally cause the dog to stop to paw it before he attempts to bite you. This will give you an opportunity to kick him under the lower jaw.

Another way suggested is to wrap a coat around the left arm and let the dog bite it; then with the other hand seize the dog's throat and choke him.

What To Do in Case of Fire

...In searching for people, go to the top floor and walk down, examining each room as carefully as possible. If necessary to get air while making the search, close the door of the room, open a window, and stick the head out until a few breaths can be obtained. Afterward close the window to prevent a draught. If doors are found locked and you suspect people are asleep inside, knock and pound on doors to arouse them. If this produces no results, you will have to try to break down the door. While searching through a burning building it will be best to tie a wet handkerchief or cloth over the nose and mouth. You will get a little air from the water.

Remember the air within six inches of the floor is free from smoke, so when you have difficulty in breathing, crawl along the floor, with the head low, dragging anyone you have rescued behind you.

If you tie the hands of an insensible person together with a handkerchief and put them over your head, you will find it fairly easy to crawl along the floor dragging him with you.

I miss the country I grew up in.