Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mad Max

Went to the movies to see the new Mad Max with another shooter. It was certified plot free. Two hours of chase scenes, tremendous accidents and explosions. Giant steampunk machines, incredible moving vehicles made out junkyard finds and supercharged engines. A moving wall of speakers with a rock guitarist chained to the front of it.

As we were walking out, he commented, "She would have never made that shot with an SKS. What was it? 600 yards at a small spotlight on a moving vehicle?

I turned to him and said, 'That's it? Out of all of that, that is what you decided was unbelievable?"

Here's the trailer.


Graybeard said...

When she fires the SKS, does that guy bleed from the ear?

I'm hearing two things about this: either it's fantastic or it's feminist propaganda. What was your take?

drjim said...

"WIRED" magazine had an article on how the stunts were done.

NO CGI in this movie; it was all real.

kahr40 said...

Now that was funny.

ASM826 said...

There's some older women toward the end that are fighting for themselves, pretty decent shots, and not willing to surrender. If that's feminist, I'm on board with it.

Mostly it's about as realistic as The Avengers, but lots of fun for all that. I'll watch it again when it gets to the home market. It's hitting the mid 90s on the Tomatometer.

Borepatch said...

Remember the episode of Big Bang Theory where they discuss an implausibility in one of the Superman commics?


Goober said...

That guy would never, ever hear out of that ear again.

One of my favorite things about the show "Archer" was that they treated the aural damage that gunfights would cause to a secret agent type who was constantly discharging firearms and experiencing explosions in enclosed areas.

James Bond would be deaf as a rock... So would guy in picture.