Monday, May 4, 2015

460,000 People Sent To the Hospital

In 2012, 460,000 people were injured by exercise equipment badly enough to to go to the hospital. 19,000 of them from treadmills alone.
"Injuries included broken bones, abrasions, rectal bleeding and people developing chest pain while working out on the machines, according to a review of the CPSC data base system."
Why isn't exercise equipment regulated? Where is the permit system to get a treadmill? Shouldn't you have to keep these dangerous devices locked up away from children? What about required training? Maybe a written test?

If you doubt the necessity of those things, here's 5 minutes of YouTube proof.


Tewshooz said...

These stupid people need to be regulated...better yet, forbid them near the machines, they are too dumb to comprehend.

Eric Wilner said...

And this very year an exercise machine brutally beat up a sitting U.S. Senator!
I'd suggest writing your Congressman, but it seems the machines have ways of keeping them in line.

Anonymous said...

Ban all exercise machines!!
All they do is maim people...

Eric Wilner said...

What's more, I've just learned that David Goldberg (SurveyMonkey CEO) was murdered by a treadmill!
Don't wait for the Butlerian Jihad; smash the machines now! Before it's too late!
If Elon Musk is killed by an exercise machine, we'll know what's going on!
(Anti-robot feature: I know bread when I see it.)

Meryl said...

Rectal Bleeding?