Thursday, April 23, 2015

Who Believes in Climate Change?

 The President took Air Force One to Florida to give a speech in the Everglades yesterday to give a speech. Of course there's more to consider that just the 747 and the 9,180 gallons of jet fuel it used in the round trip to Florida.

There's the helicopters he and his retinue took to the airport, the 747, the fighter escorts, the C-17 transport plane that carries the motor vehicles, the convoy of vehicles that are used on the ground, all the police and press transportation, the vehicles used by the people that came to the speech, and so on.

Is there a real estimate of the fossil fuel carbon that was released into the atmosphere yesterday so that the President could make a speech in Florida about about climate change? I haven't found one, but the C-17 burns 10.93 gallons a mile, making it's fuel use over 20,100 gallons for that trip. There is 19 pounds of CO2 created by burning one gallon of jet fuel. Ignoring the helicopters, fighter escorts, cars and SUVs, and rounding it down to 29,000 gallons for the two big jets, that's 551,000 pounds of CO2.

If he truly believed that every extra molecule of carbon released into the environment was a threat to the future of the world, wouldn't he have made the speech without leaving Washington, D.C. and let the audience watch it at home?

It's okay, I don't believe it either.

UPDATE: Each atom of carbon joins with two atoms of oxygen to form a molecule of carbon dioxide. Since the oxygen is taken from the air, it isn't part of the weight of the fuel. Carbon has an atomic weight of 12, oxygen has an atomic weight of 16, so most of the weight of carbon dioxide comes from the oxygen.


Daddy Hawk said...

Call me ignorant, but where does the 19 pounds of CO2 from a gallon of jet fuel come from? Last I heard, jet fuel weighed roughly 8 pounds per gallon. Granted, I am no chemical genius, but it seems a stretch to get double the weight in by product from burning a fossil fuel.

Borepatch said...

Daddy Hawk, I like what Instapundit likes to say: I'll start believing it's a crisis when the people sayint it's a crisis start ACTING like it's a crisis.

OK, I won't start believing it then. The science is absolutely settled that it's not CO2.