Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vietnam Memoirs : Part 1

 UPDATE: Brigid gives it a thumbs-up review.

Don Bonsper was a 1965 graduate of the Naval Academy. His first year post graduation was spent in Costa Rica as a Fulbright Scholar. His second year was spent as a Marine Lieutenant in Vietnam. He completed a career in the Corps and retired in 1985. Here's a short bio.

He has written a book about his experiences in Vietnam. It's a personal memoir of his first six months serving a Lieutenant in an infantry platoon with the Second Battalion, Ninth Marines. I read it over the last few days and stayed up long past my usual lights out to finish it last night.

I learned of this book from a friend of Don's who recommended it to me. It's available on Amazon and I recommend it to you.

It's a very personal story by a man who clearly remembers what it was like to be an officer going on patrol for the first time, to be far away from his new wife, and try to survive and help his men survive while carrying out the mission they were assigned.


Comrade Misfit said...

The Only War We Had is also worth a read.

Brigid said...

It is truly an outstanding book. Being a child during the era, I grew up mostly unawares of what they dealt with and it was good to read and weep, nod and reflect. He weaves a skillful and moving tale.

Old NFO said...

Added to the read list. Thanks!