Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Makes Me Wonder if I Could Beat Him

I play a fair amount of chess. I used to play face to face, tried some tournaments, now it's mostly on-line.

Never tried to become a Grandmaster by using a chess program on an iPhone, though.
“The basic problem is that it’s incredibly easy to cheat with a phone,” says Nigel Short, an English chess grandmaster who once was ranked third in the world and is now 60th. “You can have some application running on your phone, and it’s quite easy to conceal. … My dog could win a major tournament using one of these devices. Or my grandmother. Anybody could do this.”


Old NFO said...

With the phone? Probably... LOL

Dave H said...

But on the other hand, mobile banking is perfectly safe! Why, just last week Congress passed a law making it so!